8 reasons why you should go for hair extensions!

Still undecided on whether to go for hair extensions or live with the natural hair? Are you losing on the benefits of have a gorgeous look?

1 Ease of Use

The first and foremost reason will be the ease of use. There are different types of hair extensions (e.g. clip-ons) which is the easiest method to attach the hair extension to your hair. It hardly takes couple of minutes to fix and just the time taken to open the clips for removing from the hair. The best part is you do not need a hair specialist to fix the clip-ons, thus saving your hard earned money. A few other types of hair extensions which are relatively easy to use are lace based full coverage extensions which has elastic bands and all you have to do is just wear it over your head and voila! You have a new look!

2 No Damage to your Original Hair

Hair extensions are just an accessory to your hair and hence it has nothing to do with your original hair. Fixing hair extensions do not damage your hair in any way. If you maintain the extensions by washing and shampooing regularly, they will be as good as your natural hair.

However, be careful when handling certain kind of hair extensions like, the micro-ring and keratin tipped extensions. These are to be fixed only by a qualified hair extension specialist as they involve heating and crimping instruments. These instruments if used carelessly can damage your natural hair as well as the hair extensions. Apart from this, there is no way that attaching hair extensions will damage your natural hair.

3 No Medical and Chemical Risks

When you go for natural hair extensions which are made of 100% natural human hair, there is no medical or chemical risk involved. Since it is real hair from a human being, it is compatible with your hair and can merge with your natural hair without any chemical risks.

Unlike hair implants and hair implant treatments, attaching hair extensions is NOT a medical process and hence there are no medical risks. Hair extensions are just like an hair accessory, just like a hair-clip and hence you can be happy that there are no medical risks.

However, be warned that when you buy the cheap priced hair, there is a chance of lice and fungus in the hair. There are also chances of animal hair mixed with human hair to make up the cheap price. If you go for cheap hair and that hair has any of the above, you may get infected by the fungus or may be allergic to the animal hair, thus creating a chemical or medical issue.

Hence, always buy the best 100% Natural Human Hair Extensions like the one we sell at Opheila. Sparing that extra $10 may save you from visits to dermatologists or doctors and sometimes even save you from losing your hair.

4 Special Occasions

Well, we always want to look special in a special occasion! Imagine on the day of your wedding or your friend’s wedding, or a special party where you will be seeing your special person, or maybe your first date…. Wouldn’t you like to look special?

Visiting the hair parlor for the special hair style may cost you quite a lot. And remember, you may not be able to retain that style for more than few days.

However, if you want that special look or that head turning hairstyle or maintain the hair style for multiple occasions without spending much on your hair stylist, then you are going to love Hair extensions.

Based on what type of hair extensions you select, you can have a temporary, semi-permanent or permanent hair style attached to your hair without any medical or chemical processes. You can choose to restyle your hair at any time you want as you would do with your natural hair.

But remember, you need to select 100% Natural Human Hair Extensions only as they are natural hair and you can avoid infections and allergies that are caused by synthetic extensions. We at Opheila, provide 100% Natural Human Hair Extensions, which when maintained as per instructions, will last for more than 4 years, making you a special person for every occasion.

5 Look Younger

Wearing the curly hair extensions with bright colors, will definitely give you a younger look. Imagine yourself with those bouncy curls one day and straight hair the other day. You sure will look a lot younger than what you are.

With Opheila Hair Extensions which are 100% Natural Human Hair, you can perm it, dye it, curl it, straighten it and even shampoo and condition the hair extension. In simple words, you can treat it as you would treat the natural hair on your head. And that’s why it is called and extension.

6 Instant Breadth Taking Look

Well, check for yourself whether there is any way where you can transform your look in a jiffy. Even the basic salon styling takes hours together and think about the travel time to the salon, the appointment booking and the expenses.

Hair extensions comes in different styles where you can fix some of them yourself in few minutes. And of course change your look in a jiffy! Check out clip-on hair extensions in various styles and colors that can change your look into a curly blonde, kinky brunette, or a beautiful black haired woman.

7 Stay with latest Trend

Being with the trend is an expensive affair, as you will have to visit your beautician and hair specialist to get that latest look on your hair.

Use extensions to get that latest color, or the latest hair style which will be easy on your purse compared to the expense at the hair salon. And, you can change it often too. That’s called as “getting the cake and eat it too!”

8 Increase Volume and Length

Although not everyone face issues like hair shedding, low hair growth, most women after their 20’s shed hair a lot. The growth is also slowed down resulting in short hair. Some women cut their hair off and then long at the long hair on other women’s head.

Well, hair extension is the solution for both thick hair and also long hair. You can attach two or more bundles of hair to increase your volume and also select a longer hair extension to increase your length. Having a longer and thicker hair which has curls at the end coupled with the bright ombre colors will definitely be striking and this is what we call “Head Turning Look!”