The situation because of COVID-19 looks very gloomy and unpredictable. Particularly, the Salon Industry bore a major impact and received severe beating due to this crisis.  

However, we also see some businesses adapting to the situation and bouncing back from bankruptcy to survival mode. We analysed many businesses and found what they did to come back and created this two part article to help fellow Salon owners.

So, check out the tips below and implement whatever you can, to overcome this crisis and bring back the success to your business. Write your success story!


Fear is the most important factor which prevents someone to do something. Salon customers are no different. If you can ensure that your Salon and your Team are well equipped to handle the crisis, you instill confidence in your clients. They will be happy to visit your Salon.

But, how will they know? You create awareness through Digital Media Posts. You show them how you Sterilize your accessories, premises, and how your team is taking care to protect them. Listed below are a few pointers in this regard.

  • Provide Face Mask and Sanitizers
  • Temperature check using handheld thermometers before entry.
  • Sanitize and Sterilize your parlor and surroundings.
  • All Team members wear masks & gloves at all times.
  • Use single-use Tissue or towels.
  • Sanitize / Sterilize combs, scissors, and other equipment in front of the customers

Showcase this through photographs and videos even before your first client. Include this information in your advertisements and social media posts.

In short, SHOWCASE YOUR READINESS. Show that you care, and your clients will come in.

A clean and hygienic Salon will attract customers.


Maintain Appointment Book

Walk-in Customers are slowly disappearing. Adapt to the situation and start fixing appointments over the phone, mobile app, or website. You can even do this over Google. Contact us for any help in this regard. Few advantages of appointment-based service listed below.

  • You can plan your work in advance
  • Makes you more professional
  • You can avoid crowding in your Salon
  • You can Sterilize and Sanitize before each client’s visit
  • You can reduce costs through collaboration (see the topic Collaboration)
  • Advance payment (part) will confirm your client’s visit
  • Clients can be sure of the service
  • No waiting time for clients
  • Clients can be benefitted from offers. Clients can be safe from infections

Booking Appointments will go a long way even after COVID goes off. Appointment based service will help you plan and your client to feel safe and also looks professional. This is the right time to implement it.

Online booking also has the advantage of getting the payment while booking, at least a part payment. If they pay, they are sure to honor the appointment.

To increase the trust in paying online, give a cancellation option. This gives a safe feeling regarding their money and will increase the trust in you.

Educate the customers on the advantages of Appointment based Service. Build trust. You are sure to get more appointments.


Studies have proven that the more times a person sees something, it will be engraved in their mind and will be recollected frequently creating a positive impact. This is the technique used by TV advertisements where numerous repetitions are done to create an impact on the viewer’s mind.

The fundamental success factor for any business is the Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule). Whatever you do, only 20% will happen as per your target. let me explain this.

To get 50 customers, using the Pareto Principle, your advertisements should reach around 10000 people. This should be based on customer profiling that suits your business. Check with us for more details about this.

Conventional marketing techniques like issuing notices, paper advertisements, etc. may be very expensive and may not reach the right audience.

The best way is to harness the power of Digital Media and post advertisements through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. which will reach the targeted prospects.

Harness the power of Social Media, and see your appointments getting filled up!


Do you think you are the only person to get affected by COVID? Wrong! Everybody across the world has been affected. The same challenges you face in your Salon Business are faced by other Salon owners too. Some of them decide to shut down, but many are trying their best to fight it, and survive the crisis.

Now is the time to talk to your co-salon owners and friends and work out a collaboration. Share the responsibilities and share the costs, and of course, share the profits too.

See if you can send some of your customers to a salon near them. Similarly, ask your friends to send their customers near your area to your salon. Thus, everyone can help others and collectively survive this crisis. The following pointers will help you work on a strategy

  • Fix appointments based on the location of the customers to the specific salons near them
  • Discuss, discuss, discuss with your Salon Friends and find out an agreeable strategy
  • Make sure the details related to expenses and profits are clear. If in doubt, discuss and get the clarity
  • If your salon friends are nearby, you can even share the accessories used, thus reducing the costs
  • If some of your salon friends are closing down, ask them to refer their customers, and do pay a percentage to them if their customers visit your Salon. (This is ethics and the Mantra for long term business)
  • Combine parlors so that the expenses are reduced

It is normal that when two are more people join in business, there may be a difference in opinions and different styles of operation. It is very important to overcome our ego outside and work together to survive. So, take necessary precautions while going into a deal with friends and other salons, and ensure that all aspects are covered and implemented as planned.

Conclusion for Part I:

Keep watching this space for Part II of this Article, where we cover some more result-oriented aspects which will help you overcome this crisis.

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