“Every Woman deserves Opheila Hair Extensions !”

We know, that hair extensions are more than wearing a dress, as it becomes part of your body and is brightly visible. It increases the beauty and contributes to the inner confidence of the woman wearing it. It is not just an attachment, but an enhancement to the natural beauty of any woman! Now, go ahead and read below and understand how we put our hearts into each hair extension we produce. We know it is going to be a part of you, so we infuse love, affection and of course our hearts into it!

Love is the “Secret” Ingredient !

When it comes to Hair, it is one of the challenging products to handle. Right from sourcing to getting it fixed on the gorgeous women’s head, it needs extreme care as it is very very delicate. We at Opheila, with a collective experience of over 45 years in the Hair business, have refined our methods again and again, where our systems are almost perfect to ensure a very high quality hair as the output. Thus, we ensure that the best product – Only the Best Quality Product – reach our customers.

We deal only with 100% Natural Human Hair. We never use synthetic hair, animal hair or any other form of artificial hair in our products. We stand by the quality of our hair and ensure that these are 100% Human Hair sourced ethically.

We ensure that all hair products are inspected multiple times during processing and before packaging. With very stringent and never compromising quality processes and use of high quality machine tools and accessories,we produce the best quality products.

We do not treat hair as just a product, but as a life with love and affection. From sourcing to the various processes where it is cleaned, shampooed and sun dried, we handle the hair with greatest care. Hence, you can be certain to get the best quality hair extension and you will fall in love once you start wearing those. Our clients themselves speak of the satisfaction and confidence they get when wearing Opheila Hair Extensions. Yes, we do have a satisfied list of clients – Globally.

When it comes to human hair, we have the best of the world – 100% Indian Remy Human Hair. This ensures that when you wear it, it will make you feel and look amazing.

Now, Go and Get a bundle of Confidence a.k.a. Opheila Hair Extensions !